Diana Toledo District 8

My parents taught me about responsibility early in life; born in the Philippines my father earned his Citizenship serving in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam Conflict; my mother taught me about community service by starting a neighborhood food-bank to help those struggling during Seattleís economic crisis of the 1970ís. 

Today, along with my wonderful husband Jerry, Iím working hard to teach our daughters the importance of family, community, and social responsibility. Your values are my values.

Seattle is my home.  I was born and raised here and could not imagine raising a family anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest.  My parents still live here, along with numerous uncles & aunts, brothers & sisters, and dozens of incredible nieces & nephews.  King County has given me a wonderful life; and I will fight to ensure that those same opportunities to succeed are available to my children, my family, my friends, and to you. 

We are in this together.  I will be your voice on King County Council.

For 15 years I have served King County; building a reputation of integrity and professionalism by working with Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters to stop animal abuse, reform shelters, develop responsible licensing programs, and address public concerns; bringing both parties across partisan lines to better our community.

Now, as our region faces economic crisis not seen in generations we must elect leaders who are responsive and effective legislators for our county.  Having served King County for the last 15 years I have seen first hand the excesses of career politicians and political appointees, and the negative effects that their governing has had on essential programs within the county.  My experience working within the system gives me unique insight that I will use to identify waste, determine county strengths and deficiencies, improve bureaucratic accountability, and cut wasteful spending while recognizing and supporting programs that are working.

** Diana and her husband Jerry, and their children live in West Seattle where they are active in community programs, church, and public service.


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